Why it's awesome ?

Let's pack those wonderful characters created by amazing artist Little Druid and see


Atlas size is only 512x512 pixels and triangle count is 247. That's why. And it's free.

Key features

  • Extremely tight packing. Additional 30%-60% texture free space compare to square or other concave packing algorithms
  • Concave Mesh from sprite
  • Per sprite adjustments
  • Export to COLLADA or OBJ. Ready to use in any modern game engine or 3d application
  • Atlas settings are stored in simple text JSON file (*.suv)
  • Command line interface
  • Free

Very easy to use

Simply drop .png .tif. jpg sprites or SpriteUV atlas settings .suv


Adjust some settings to get optimal shape, or just hit "Build and Export" button.

Sprite property view: Mouse scroll: zoom, Mouse left button: navigation, Mouse right button: set pivot to place

Concave sprite packer

After packing process is done

You'll find atlas and folder with COLLADA .dae files in export folder.

*only Windows x64. Mac OSX version will be later